Director – Stefanija Kondrotienė – +370 620 99150

sdsFund’s director Stefa Kondrotienė has worked as social worker and project coordinator since 2004. Using the experience and competence in prisoners education field, established a psychosocial rehabilitation center “Oasys”. Stefa has developed several methodologies for prisoners that are drug/alcohol addicts. She adapted psychosocial education programs for the ex-convicts and offenders. Worked as consultant in development of methodology „Risk reduction for drug users in penitentiary institutions“. While working with prisoners in penitentiary institutions she lectures on subculture difference, execution process, and internal prison order themes.

Deputy director for strategtic partnership, psychologist Liudas Švipas – +370 677 62779


Liudas  has worked as psychologist and project coordinator since 2006. Has health psychology master degree and over 9 years experience working with social excluded groups (drug addicts, unemployed, disadvantaged youth, inmates, etc.). Since 2009 has focused worked with groups that are constant crime committers – drug addicts, prisoners, risk group people. Liudas has wide international project coordination and implementation experience in fields related to prison, addictions and youth.


 Psychologist Gitana Steponavičienė – +370 673 04322







 Social worker Jaunius Mincevičius – +370 606 98557








 Joiner vocational teacher Julius Bakšys








 Employment consultant Rita Papečkienė








 Charity and support fund “Garstyčios grūdas”

Company code 195779271
Fund founder: Stefa Kondrotienė
Address: Kalniečių g. 188-15, Kaunas, LT-50110
Psychosocial rehabilitation center for convitcs that are drug addicts “Oasys” Alytaus prison house, 5th wing.  Ulonų g. 8A, LT-62505 Alytus
Psychosocial rehabilitation center “Exit” for convicts that has finished their sentence. Dainavos g.26, Išlaužas, Prienų raj.  LT-59037
Director  – Stefa  Kondrotienė –8 620 99150

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