2012-2015 still implementing project “Path, truth and life” at psychosocial rehabilitation centre „Oasis“ in Alytaus correction house and at reintegration centre „Exit“ in Išlaužas. In 2014 this project was considered as best practice and recognized as one of the 8th most adaptive social exclusion projects in Europe. Project funded by European social funds (Integration into labor market program for social risk and social exclusion groups (324.826,- EU).

  • 2009-2011 implemented project „Psychological and social assistance to convicts“. Project intellectual product – developed methodology “Integration of convicts into society program “. Program was virtually adapted to be easily accessed by convicts. Project was finance by European social funds (205.322,- EU).
  • 2009 partner in project “Be safe and protect others” that adapted methodological guide „Risk reduction for drug users in penitentiary institutions“. Project particularly focused on young people. Funded by United Nations office on drugs and crime.
  • 2007, 2008 implemented 2 prevention Project for young convicts, that are drug addicts „Start a new life behind bars“ financed by Drugs control department Lithuania. 
  • Since 2004 Charity and support fund “Garstyčios grūdas” in psychosocial integration and reintegration field has successfully integrated into society 56 prisoners that were drug/alcohol addicts. 35 of these prisoners were young people, which is 62% (18-29m.).


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